Cosmos Technology Enterprise was formed with the interest to serve hobbyists and fish farmers.

Our Quality Policy is to provide quality and economical fish pharmaceutical products to treat fish diseases immediately upon detection and to prevent the diseases from spreading to other fishes in the same aquariums or fish farms, to prolong the life span of fishes and especially to maintain their health.

With the above fundamental principles, we introduce our “BEST CURE” Fish Pharmaceutical Products - ANTI-FUNGUS, ANTI-WHITE SPOT, GENERAL TONIC, FILTER-AID  and CHLORINE-CLEAR.  These products have gone through extensive tests and experiments in major fishery farms in Singapore before being released for use by hobbyist and fish farmers. Treatment and cure is done strictly under the same environment as will be encountered by hobbyist and fish farmers.

Our Anti-Fungus product is specially formulated not only to treat severe fungi diseases but also to treat severe common fish diseases.

With the carefully planned and execution of the experiments and tests, the quality of our products have proven its effectiveness.

We have noted that Antibiotics have been widely recommended for the treatment of bacterial diseases and for the control of protozoan in fishes. Due to the widespread, unchecked application of Antibiotics, the fish aquariums and fish farms are inhabited by many strains of bacteria that have become resistant to one Antibiotic or another. Hence, the effectiveness of the Antibiotics is very uncertain. These strains of bacteria which is resistant to Antibiotics does not only affect the fish industries but also the animal industries and human beings and we believe that it will be a global problem within the next few years unless immediate action is taken to resolve this problem.

Hence, our intention is to resolve and prevent this problem for the fish industries. We have therefore formulated our products by compounding several essential trace elements and new pharmaceuticals that do not contain any Antibiotics or Copper and thereby am very safe to be used by the fish aquariums and fish farms.  All the Raw Materials used for the formulation of our products have passed the USP and BP Standards.  All our products are biodegradable and hence, environmental friendly.

Furthermore, our decision not to include Antibiotics or Copper in our products has ensured that our products are very highly unlikely to become immune to bacteria.

Our objective has always been to provide hobbyist and fish farmers with an economical alternative yet effective medication for the treatment of fish diseases. Thus, we will always ensure that our products are made up of environmental friendly elements and yet achieve its worthiness and effectiveness to serve the valued clients.

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